This course has one module that walks you through the importance of understanding why you may want to be a sale person. Rex will talk about Simon Sineck’s book WHY and Seth Godin’s book LINCHPIN. A good foundation to start this program with.
Books: Start with WHY by Simon Senick | Linchpin by Seth Godin | PODCAST
The course explains all five stages of the sales process, which are Prospecting, Research, Qualify, Demonstration capabilities and obtaining commitment. This course will give you insight into the entire process. Each stage in the sales process is covered in more detail in following courses specific to that stage.
The course covers understanding your target market and their worldview. A specific module walk-through using LinkedIn as the main tool for prospecting. A specific module walk-through email campaigns and how to maximize your results A specific module walk-through on Blog posting.
Books: This is Marketing by Seth Godin | Guerrilla Marketing by Larry Livenston | PODCAST
One module illustrating common body language and what it means. This module teaches lessons that are applicable to daily life and creates successful, fulfilling relationships.
Books: The Seven Evolutionary Levels to Profound Selling by Glenn Roller
Lessons for all aspects of life based upon the emyogram test. This module will help you be the best you can be. Understanding your prospects personality type can set the tone of the entire sales process.
Books: Richard Hudson
This module teaches lessons we all should be using daily.

Books: Emotional Intelligence by Travis Bradberry | Leaders Eat Last by Simon Senick | PODCASTTBA

This module discusses implication questions and the results created using them. Examples are given as well as some filmed role play to illustrate the use of implication questions.
Books: Spin Selling by Neil Rackham | PODCAST: TBA
This module is not your ordinary sales closing techniques. Actually Rex will illustrate why the classic style of closing is not in your best interest. 
Books: Spin Selling by Neil Rackham ​| PODCAST: TBA

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